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Sheikh Sadman Rahman

Sheikh Sadman Rahman

Hey there, I am Sheikh Sadman Rahman.I am the person behind this blog.I am an 19 years Kid.I currently work as a part-time freelancer.Being a freelancer I have experienced many amazing things about this Online World.I am trying to share them with my readers.I love researching and learning new things every single day.I followed many IM related blogs like shoutmeloud.com and roadtoblogging.com.My favorite bloggers are Matthew Woodward, Harsh Agarwal, and Istiak Rayhan.

“Start the day with a Hope, and  end up fulfilling it”

Things to Know About Me :

  • 18 Years Old 😛
  • Internet Freak
  • Love to learn new things
  • Part-time Freelancer
  • Blogger and Online Marketer.

How I made this Blog?

The blog was made to share the knowledge I gained in the last couple of years.I still learn new things and will share them continuously on this blog.I decided to create this blog by seeing Harsh and Istiak Rayhan.Previously, I was only a reader of other blogs.It really helped me to know new things about Online Marketing.Then I decided to create my own one for the newbies like me.

Special thanks to Istiak Rayhan.He really supported me to open my own blog.

The Vision on Gumebr:

Here on Gumebr, I have a mission.I wanted to make this blog as user-friendly as possible.I want to encourage other online freak people to start their own online journey.Wanted to share every possible information I know.

Upcoming blog Features:

I just started the blog.And want to focus on engagement now.Below are my targets for 2018:

  1. Step by Step SEO Training
  2. Course about “How to make Passive income Online with Dropshipping”
  3. Drive 1000 visitors per day
  4. Gain at least 1500+ Subscribers
  5. Reach out Social media traffic and build an audience
  6. Marketing and growing the blog

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