Social Media became an important part of any business. Running social accounts and promoting your business is a big hassle. Thanks to the automation tools for keeping our accounts evergreen. But how about a tool which is able to manage all the social platforms in one place? Yes, I am talking about the Crowdfire app and today I am going to write a detailed Crowdfire review.

Introduction of Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a social media managing company based in Navi Mumbai, India. It is one of the leading digital company in India. They started their journey in 2010 and now they have a large 16+ million users. The former name of this app was JustUnfollow. They remodel the old app with tons of features and changed their name to Crowdfire. You can use this app on both Android and iPhone.Also, a cloud version is available for desktop users. So basically this app is like your virtual social media manager. It can manage all your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and much more. You can schedule your post, follow/unfollow people and see the weekly stats from your dashboard.

“After the recent privacy policy change of instagram and facebook,you wont be able to follow/unfollow people directly from crowdfire.But you can still use the auto post feature.”

Crowdfire Review

Now I am going to discuss every single feature of the Crowdfire. Also, I will discuss about the pricing and other stuff. I use this app personally for managing my social accounts. So far, it’s been good to me. So, let’s jump into the Crowdfire review.

Supported Platforms:

This app works with a variety of online platforms. Alongside with Social Media, it works with Twitch, Shopify, 500PX etc.



With the help of Crowdfire, you can easily manage your Twitter account from the app dashboard. You can see your recent unfollowers and cut them up from your following list. Also, there are some cool features like Inactive following, Competitors Followers etc. I am going to discuss every feature as it is a detailed Crowdfire review. So, check out the cool twitter features below.


In this section, you can see the list of people who are not following you back. You can unfollow them right from the dashboard. However, the free membership will allow you to unfollow only 10 people in a day. You can upgrade your membership anytime and enjoy the full access.


The Crowdfire app will show your fans in this area. Fans mean the peoples who are following you but you don’t follow them back. You can appreciate the fans with a simple tweet mentioning their name. The cool part is the tweet can be sent through the dashboard.

Recent Unfollowers

In this area, you can track the people you recently unfollowed you. You can see the exact date too. You can either keep following them or unfollow them like they did to you. Most of the time, it’s the people who want to increase their followers and in the meantime keep the following list low. Who doesn’t want to be a celebrity?

Recent Followers

By its name, you can see it’s a place where you can find your recent followers. You can follow them back or keep them as your fan.

Inactive Following

I love this feature so much. The Crowdfire app smartly tracks all the accounts in your network. You can find the people here who are inactive for a long time. There is a filter option too. The filter can be used to filter people based on 1 month,3 months or 6 months and above inactivity. Also, you can unfollow the inactive people from here.

All Following

This is the list of all your followings. Either they followed you back or not, you can see everyone. Also, you can tweet them or unfollow them from here. It’s up to you what you want to do with them.

Competitors’ Followers

Another cool feature of this app is competitors followers. All you have to do is like adding your competitors and get the list of their followers. You can follow them or tweet them. You can easily steal your competitor’s followers. A great feature to take a look at.

Keyword Search

In this section, you can add some keywords and location to the keyword. The keyword means the hashtag(#). The app will analyze and found the users who used your hashtags in their post. You can set the country to find country specified accounts. You can follow them or tweet them too.

Friend Check

It’s a simple feature to check the relation between you and another account. Just add a username and see the relation. You can just see if you both follow each other or not.


You can whitelist people anytime. By adding someone to the whitelist you will never be suggested to unfollow the account. Even if they follow you or not.


The blacklist means the block list. You can add the accounts which you don’t want to follow anytime soon. The Crowdfire app will never suggest them for follow.

Bulk Post

The bulk post feature allows the users to upload a .csv file. The file would contain the content you want to post in your twitter account. You just need to download their premade template and replace with your own text. You can also set the posting time or the Crowdfire app will automatically find a posting time.


This section will show you the analysis of your Twitter account. The app will make an audit of your account every day. You can track your previous day performance here. You can see the numbers of followers, tweets, unfollowers etc. The monthly and weekly analysis need a paid membership though.

Auto Share Articles:

On your dashboard, you can see a lot of articles. The app will show articles based on your interest. You share them right from the dashboard or queue it to do later.

Image Share: 

It is similar to the article share feature. In this section, you can find relevant images of your interest. One of the cool features of this images are, the author of the image already used a lot of hashtags. You just need to repost the same image with hashtags mentioning the owner. Relevant hashtags engage more users.



The Crowdfire app works well with Instagram. However, the recent privacy change of this social media creates some limitation. But you can still use this platform to share post, images and schedule content.

Queue Post:

You can write a post or image and queue it. The app will automatically find the best time for posting. But the problem is you have to post it manually. The app will send you a notification. The text will be copied and the image will be uploaded automatically. You just need to paste the text and post it. The recent Instagram policy update will not allow 3rd party apps to post automatically.

Auto Share Articles:

When you first open an account on Crowdfire, you can select some topics. Later on, this app will show you a lot of articles across the globe based on your topics. You can automatically share the articles to your Instagram account. Or you can queue it to post later on your desired time.

Image Sharing:

This feature is also eligible for Instagram. A cool place to share a lot of relevant image with hashtags. As Instagram is a great place to share images, you can take a full advantage of this feature.



Pinterest features don’t come with the free plan. You have to buy a membership plan to use any feature for this platform.

Post Scheduling:

You can schedule a post in this section. You can select a custom time or let the Crowdfire app find the best time to post.

Image Sharing:

You can share relevant images from the dashboard. Hundred of images will be there based on your interest. Just select a Pinterest board and pin your Image.

Article Sharing:

You can share articles directly from your app dashboard to Pinterest. An image must be added before sharing. The app will capture the image of an article on its own. But you have to choose an image manually for non-image articles.


As like twitter, you can see a detailed report of your Pinterest profile every day. You can see a total number of Followers, Pins, Saves, and Comments. Also, it’s limited for free users. You can only see the previous day report.



Post Scheduling:

You can schedule a post for Linkedin. Just write your post and set the time for posting. The Crowdfire app will do the rest. No further action required.

Article Sharing:

You can share an already written article via Crowdfire. Just share your favorite one from the list.

Image Sharing:

Images can be also shared to your Linkedin profile. Queue the image or share instantly. It’s super easy.


I haven’t tried this section yet. But from the study, I found the two features they offer for this Social Media.


Automatic Post about new video:

So, every time you post a new video on your youtube channel, this app will create a post about it. It’s like a notification post to let people know about your video.

Share Smartly Picked Video:

The app will take any random video from your channel every day. You can share the video on different social media. It’s a cool feature for promoting your videos every single day.

WordPress Blog:

If you have a WordPress blog, you can connect it with the Crowdfire app. The features are pretty much the same as the youtube feature.


Automatic post about new update:

Whenever you add a new post to your WordPress blog, the app will create a post about it. You can use that post as a notification to let your followers know about the new content.

Promoting blog posts every day:

The app will smartly pick a post from your blog every day to share on social media. You can promote your old blog content daily.


If you are using Shopify, you will know how important it is to share your products on Social Media. Nowadays, most of the sales come from the social media traffic. It is the best place to promote products. The Crowdfire features are exactly what every E-commerce owners want.


Automatic post about the new product:

Every time you drop a new product for sell on your Shopify store, the app will create a post about it.

Smart Product Promoting:

Everyday a product from your store will be randomly picked. And it will be ready to share on Social Media.

Etsy Shop:

If you are selling products on Etsy, you can try the Crowdfire app. This app will help you to promote your products on automation.


New product Notification:

You can let your followers know about your new product by sharing an automation post.

Sharing Product on Social Media:

This feature will let you share your Etsy products every day on your social channels.


If you are a blogger like me, you can connect the blog via Crowdfire. Right now, they are supporting Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Medium, and Ghost.


Blog Update Notification:

The app will create a post about your latest blog update. If you create a  new blog post, the app will let your followers know.

Sharing Blog post:

You can share your previous blog content on social media. This app will automatically do this for you.


The Crowdfire app is also for the gamers. The app will share your streams on social networks. This will surely increase the view of your streams.


Notification about new stream:

Whenever a new stream will be uploaded to your account the app will be notified your followers by a post.

Promote Previous streams:

Smartly picked streams will be selected from your account to share on social media every day.


Vimeo is another video sharing website like youtube. By connecting your Vimeo account you can bring more viewers to your videos.


New Video Notification:

Every time when a new video will be uploaded to your account, the Crowdfire app will create an automated post. You can share this post on your social media accounts give a notification to your followers.

Video Sharing:

The app will randomly pick a video from your account every day. You can share the video across the social networks to get more views.


This famous photo sharing website can also be connected with the Crowdfire app.


New Photo upload Notification:

You can share an automated post about your new image.

Promote Photos from Gallery:

You can promote your previous photos from your account. The app will choose a random one for share every day.


Crowdfire app offers different pricing plans for their users. Also, they have some limitation for each plan. The pricing is quite reasonable for all the users. The monthly plan starts from free to $99.99. If you choose their yearly plan, you will get a handsome discount. You can use the Crowdfire app for free forever. But if you want to use the awesome features, you have to buy a plan. Check out the Pricing board below:

Things I like about Crowdfire:

There are so many things I like about this awesome app. It manages my social profiles perfectly. And it’s super easy to maintain and monitor the work. It saves time and works on automation Post Scheduling Monitor the performance Weekly performance report Notification alerts Hashtag Recommendation

Things I don’t like about Crowdfire:

With so many good parts, the app has some limitations too. I am mentioning the things I don’t like about this app in this Crowdfire review. Social Account Limitation on the free plan Cant manages Social accounts from dashboard except for Twitter(“Like, Follow/Unfollow” directly from the app dashboard) Lack of features after the TOS change of the Social Networks.


I personally use the Crowdfire app because it’s totally safe to use. Other app or software may give you the features like DM, Reposting etc. But sooner or later your social account will get banned because it’s against the social networks Privacy Policy. One thing I really like about the Crowdfire is that they updated their features according to the Social Networks Privacy Policy. They don’t have any features that are against the rule of the biggest social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So, you can easily use the app without hesitation. The Crowdfire app may have some limitation, but it will never get you account banned!