There are so many Instagram automation tools around the web. But actually, only a few of them are really worthy. Follow Adder is one of the most popular tools and a lot of people is actually curious about how this tool works and what are the features. So, I have been using this tool for a while now and decided to write an in-depth follow adder review.

Follow Adder Review-What is Follow Adder?

Basically, this software is an automated Instagram Followers and Promotion tool. It works on complete automation and saves a bunch of time by managing Instagram accounts. The software is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. And the user interface is really amazing. Navigation is really easy and comfortable too.

follow adder review

This software automates the daily things of a user. For example, liking someone’s post, follow peoples, unfollow peoples, DM and so on. This tool is also great to scrape possible leads! They have a feature called “Multiple Hashtag Search”. By using this tool you can target niche specific users. Also, you can do a Geolocation search and comment search. Basically, Follow Adder tool will help you to manage your Instagram accounts and keep everything on automation. And also it’s a great choice for them who wants to grow their followers and keep their visibility online.

Follow Adder Review-Features

This software has some great features. I am going to breakdown every single feature below. So, keep reading the post to discover more about the software and it’s usage. Keep reading the follow adder review.

Automatic Follow/Unfollow:

This is the feature everyone is looking for. Imagine spending hours following peoples in your niche and unfollow the users who don’t follow back. It’s pretty annoying to do the work manually and keep track of everything. Follow Adder do the hard work for you. You just need to set the parameters and it runs automatically. The best thing is we can set everything in the software. Who to follow, who to unfollow, specify niches everything. It’s a great feature to grow the following of an Instagram account. I used this feature for my account too and it works really well.

Automatic Photo Liker:

Another great feature to save your day. This tool keeps liking on the pictures of others. You can also set who to like and who to not. This tool is not only liking the pictures of your following list. You can set the hashtags and custom users into this tool. Which means every time someone posts a picture matching with your given hashtag this will give a like to it. The user doesn’t have to be in your follower/following list. So, it’s a great feature to keep your visibility online. You keep liking your niche based content on total automation. It increases the chance to gain new followers and get connected with peoples.

Automatic Photo Commenter:

This special feature comments on pictures automatically. Here, you can also set the comment, who to comment, etc. It’s great because we can interact with users without even knowing them. Just set up the tool and it will start commenting every time a new photo uploaded with your hashtag. I personally don’t use this specific feature because you can’t comment on any photo without seeing it. Also, you have to set the comment text without knowing the post. Imagine you set “great content” as the comment text. Then someone posts some sad or emotional Image and this tool automatically comment “great content”! It will be totally embarrassing and it will lower your impression to the community. I see a lot of people use an emoji instead of text in the auto comment feature. It’s up to you to use it or not.

Schedule Posting

This is my favorite part of this Instagram automation tool. I like this feature because I don’t have to log in every day on Instagram and post new contents for my followers. I can set the next 1-week content in just 1 day! You just have to choose the pictures and posting date. This software will automatically do the posting on selected time. Schedule Posting is a real lifesaver. We all get busy sometimes and didn’t find the time to log in and post every day. Thanks to Follow Adder to help us out. It’s important to post a new picture on a regular basis to keep the Instagram profile evergreen. Long inactivity will lead to losing followers and interest.
Instagram Follow Adder 

Niche Search

It is also a great feature for the peoples who want to gain new niche based followers. You need to set your niche and hashtags. The software will automatically scrape the photos which used your given hashtags. Another great thing is you can also search by username, photo, comment and also targeted locations! I use this feature especially when I have to get connected with same niche people, get new targeted followers and also sometimes to target location based followers too.

Automated Direct Messaging(DM)

Undoubtedly the most popular features among them. Follow Adder allows you to send automatic direct messages to your followers. Basically, you had to set the message and every time someone follows you, the tool will send the message to them. You can set welcome messages and can also describe your service or send them to a specific page. It’s the best way to collect leads. You can engage with the followers directly through messages and drive them to your website or any other lead collection page.

Other Features:

There are a lot of other small features in this software. I am just mentioning the important ones.

follow adder review

White List – Ensure these profiles are never unfollowed.

Black List – Never follows these profiles.

Full User Info – Get full details on any users.

Auto Follow-back – Follow Back Users automatically who have followed you

Customize List –  Create, Import and export your customizable list.

Set time delay – Set the time delay for any automation actions. It will help you to keep your account safe from banning.

Get a list of profiles –  Get a list of followers, following of any accounts you want.

Proxy Supported – Supports proxies.

Full Activity Log – See all the actions performed by the tool.

Analytics – Advance analytics of your account.

Follow Adder Review-Pricing

Follow Adder offers 6 months of subscription plans. They have 5 subscription plans depends on the number of Instagram accounts. They are also offering 7 days full refund. Which means if you don’t like the software or not fully satisfied you can ask for a refund, no questions asked. The subscription plan starts from $49.99/6months. If you have more than 1 Instagram accounts to manage, you can check out their other plans too.  Check the pricing below:

follow adder review

Follow Adder Review-Pros and Cons

Follow Adder comes with loads of useful features and it’s totally a great tool to use. But despite the good sides, it has some cons too.


Useful Features

Easy Installation and Setup

Free Trial

Full Automation

Detailed Analytics

Free Ebook


No Monthly Packages

Little Slow Customer Support

Final Words

Follow Adder is undoubtedly the best Instagram automation tool.  From my personal experience, I really like the software. It has the features that will help you to keep your Instagram account going without even take a look manually. It really helps to keep track of everything and managing everything for you. I highly recommend you guys to at least try this software for managing your accounts. It’s really worth a try.

follow adder review

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