Google domains vs Namecheap, a big competition in the internet world. There’s always a confusion about which company you would choose.

But when it comes to domain registration, you need to choose the best one among them.

Both registers offer cheap domain names. So, you can easily register your brand name at a low price.

But there are lots of facts to consider when buying a domain name.

Domain means a lot to the business. It’s your brand name and you will never compromise with your brand.

You need to choose the best one. Buying a domain is easy but choosing a perfect one is hard.

You need to check the features and other things first when buying an online name from a register.

In this article, I will compare the two domain registers. I will show you the features and lackings of Google Domain and Namecheap.

No more google domains vs Namecheap competition.

At the end of the article, you can easily find the best one among the Google domain and Namecheap.


Google Domains vs NameCheap Overview


Google Domain :


This service launched back in 2015 by the Giant company “Google”.But the worst part is it’s still in beta version.

Means, it’s not a settled company yet.

It’s a different project by the Big G. Their main business is Search Engine but they keep testing new things.

So, this register only offers domain name registration. They don’t have any other services like hosting, SSL, etc.

Though there are not many options, they offer cheap domains.

Domain name starts as little as $12 and the best part is it remains the same while renewing the domain.

Remind that, Google is not a domain/hosting register. So, you can’t expect much from them.

It’s slightly behind in google domains vs Namecheap race.

Although they offer a good service, the beta version tag always disturbed everyone.

I am going to describe more about it below.



The company Namecheap started its journey in 2000. It was founded by Richard Kirkendall.

The company is considered one of the biggest domain/hosting register.

And gained most popularity because of their cheap price services.

This register gives almost every service like domain/hosting registration, private email, website security etc.

They also have a marketplace to buy or sell purchased domains. Domain name starts as little as $0.48.

Overall Namecheap is one of the best registers. They claimed that they have about 3 million customers and they managed more than 7 million domains.

So, you can easily say them a full packed service company at a reasonable price.


Google domains vs Namecheap:


In this section, I am going to discuss every single thing about these two registers.

You can easily find out the features, pricing and every other thing you need to concern before buying a domain.


Google Domains Features:


google domains vs namecheap


Google only offers domains. So the one and only feature of it is domain name registration.

They don’t have any hosting plan or something. But they are partnered with some 3rd party hosting providers.

They are Blogger, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, and WordPress.All of them are paid except Blogger.

The best thing I like about Google domains is it’s really cheap and there is no renewal fee for every year.

The fee remains the same every year when I renew the domain. This makes this register different than others.


Things I like about Google domains:


I researched a lot about this register and some features really impress me.

Though they are not a settled company, they try to give value to their customers.


Domain starts with $ 12/year:

Register a domain name at that price is really affordable.

You can easily register a brand name at this cheap price.

No renewal fee every year:

Almost every register charges a big amount each year to renew a domain.

But this register is different than others.

They don’t charge any additional fees to renew a domain.

You can register a domain name for up to 10 years at the same price!

Domain transfer Service:

You can transfer your current domain to google domain.

For example, if you have a domain registered into another register, you can transfer it into google domains.

Just need to pay the one-year registration fee to google to transfer your domain.

G-Suite Email Service:

With G-suite, we can easily create a custom email for our brand.

Like”[email protected]”.

It’s easy to use and less possibility that email will go to the spam folder. Because it’s trusted by Google itself.


Things I Don’t Like About Google Domains:


I actually don’t like google domains for registering my brand name.

It’s good to play with, but if you are serious about your business, Google shouldn’t be your choice.

It has some lacking which are my greatest concerns.I already told earlier that you can’t compromise with your domain name.

And it’s really left behind in google domains vs Namecheap comparison.


No Hosting service:

This register doesn’t have its own hosting service. But they are partnered with some 3rd party hosting providers.

They are Blogger, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, and WordPress.Only Blogger is free of them to host.

But you can also transfer or host your domain into another register.

Not supported in every country:

This thing really disappointed me. When I tried to buy a domain from them, I got a message that my country isn’t available.

I need to change the billing country to buy a domain from this register.

I never saw anything like this. But Google has some supported countries.

Only if you are a citizen of those countries, you can use this service


google domains vs namecheap


No Security Services for Domains:

Almost every register offers security services like SSL or WhoisGuard.

But this register doesn’t have the feature. You need to buy them from another register. This is really stressful.

Only accept Cards Payment:

This is one of the big problems. You can’t buy a domain from this register using PayPal or another online payment system. They only accept card payments.


Google Domains Pricing:


Pricing is not so expensive. They have different pricing for different domain extensions.

You can easily get a (.com)  domain at just $12/Year.Below is some popular extensions pricing list.

If you want to know more extension pricing, click here 


google domains vs namecheap

What Do You get with a Google Domain Name Purchase?


Lot’s of registers offer some bonuses or something when you buy a domain from them.

Sometimes they offer free custom email for 2 months, free SSL certificate, free WhoisGuard or other things.

Google domains also offer some add-ons with every domain purchase too.

They are ok, but I don’t think the add-ons will do many effects.


Email forwarding:

You can create up to 100 email aliases with your domain and also forward them to your existing Gmail account.

Private Registration:

This is the thing I like most. Keeping my details private is hard in online world. Lots of registers sell their customer’s details to other companies.

And the result is so much annoying. My email spam folders fill up with those junk emails sent by the scam companies.

So, I really appreciate Google Domains to give this feature to their customer for free.


Namecheap Features:



google domains vs namecheap



There’s no doubt that NameCheap is one of the best Domain/Hosting registers. They are mostly known for the cheap rate domain registration.

They offer lots of services like domain name registrations, lots of hosting plans. You can get shared hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated servers, etc within your budget.

Also, they offer security services like SSL Certificate, WhoisGuard, Premium DNS, etc.

Overall, NameCheap is the best in every section. A perfect choice for a beginner. I am personally using their service and they are pretty good.


Things I like about NameCheap:


There are so many things that I love the most is Namecheap. As I use this register for 3 years, I got to know about every single feature.

They really give priority to their customers. They offer a valuable service. I highly recommend everyone to use NameCheap.


Domain starting from $0.48/year:

This is surely a cheap price for domains. Just imagine you can get your brand domain in less than a dollar!

Though you will not get a (.com) extension domain, but you can get cool extensions like

(.site),(.website)(.space),(.pw),(.press),(.host) and others at this price!

Live support:

This is the thing I need most. I am always doing experiments on my website.

Most of the time, the website goes down

Then I need to contact the live support to describe the issue and immediately recover the website.

It’s so boring to open a support ticket and wait for the reply.

Some automation emails and other boring and longtime tasks.Thanks to NameCheap for live support.

They are so quick and friendly.

They reply immediately every time I contacted them.


NameCheap has a marketplace option on their website. You can buy or sell your domains there.

It’s so easy to use. You can buy a domain for playing and sell it later to the marketplace at a good price.


They are very serious about customer security. You can enable the 2 step verification if you want.

You can also download their app both for Apple and Android to log in directly from mobile.

Various Payment Options:

Payment options are always a problem for everyone.

Lots of people like me are not comfortable with cards. Some even use digital currencies for the transaction.

But this register accepts Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, American Express, PayPal, and Dwolla.

Lots of options to choose your payment method.


Things I Don’t Like About NameCheap:


Everything has a negative side.NameCheap also has some bad features that I don’t like.

But I will still choose them because they have way more good features than the bad one.

This is an honest review, that’s why I am writing every single point.

Otherwise, I will not write the negative sides of any registers.

The Renewal Fee:

NameCheap takes a renewal fee every year for hosting.

They don’t take any fee for the domains. But the hosting renewal fee is a bit expensive.


NameCheap Pricing:


There’s no official pricing list available on their website. But I researched a bit and got to know about the price of the domains.

The pricing will never be fixed for the same extension. It can be changed by different names.

However, you can get a (.com) domain for just $10.98/year.

Just type your desired name into the search bar of NameCheap and you can see the available domain name endings and their price.

Here is some popular extensions pricing on NameCheap.It might be changed for different names


(.Co) – $12 / year

(.Com) – $12 / year

(.Net) – $12 / year

(.Co.Uk) – $12 / year

(.Org) – $12 / year


What Do You get with a NameCheap Domain Name Purchase?


I always like to get something free or extra.NameCheap also offers some valuable add-ons with every domain name purchase. And the best thing is they are absolutely free.

1 year SSL Certificate with domain:

You will receive a free 1-year Positive SSL for every domain you purchase from NameCheap.It’s so cool to get this one free.

Whoisguard 1 year:

It’s so good to have a WhoisGuard.You can keep your contact details private. You can keep the spammers away with it.

2 months private email:

You will get a webmail interface to manage all the emails, contacts and calendars.You can use it for free for 2 months.


Wrapping Up:


As I mentioned earlier in this post, the things you need to consider before buying a domain are already written. Now you can easily find out which register is best among them.

NameCheap is definitely ahead in the competition between google domains vs Namecheap.

I will recommend everyone to use NAMECHEAP rather than the Google Domains. Because it is cheap, you can get free SSL, live support and so on.

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google domains vs namecheap