Social networks are getting new reach day by day. It became one of the essential parts of every business. Whether you are a small business owner or a multi-million dollar company, you need the power of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and others to promote your brand. Using the proper methods and strategies will generate a lot of traffic to your website.

Most of the webmasters stuck in this place. They don’t know how to properly use this Social media to generate a lot more legitimate traffic. When I started blogging, I was only focused on Organic Traffic. But later I get to know that there are tons of ways to get visitors to your site. And without hesitation, I started to focus on Social traffic and got surprised by the results. My traffic was increased, and the best part is you don’t have to work all day for this. Some automation tools will do the work for you. In this post, I am going to show you the methods I used to drive a lot of visitors to my blog using social networks.’

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Social Network traffic


With over 2.2 BIllion active users, this platform is a most prominent social media. Here’s what I do to scrape peoples from this platform:

Making Niche related Friends:

I find some biggest names in my niche and be friends with them. Not only that, but I also scrape peoples from his friend list/follower list and try to make my them friends too. The best part is that all the peoples are interested in the same niche and have interested in my content. So, whenever you post some new contents on your website, post on your Facebook profile and those people will love to take a look.

Joining on Biggest Groups:

I am always trying to be in groups. It helps me whenever I got stuck. Peoples are still there to help. Just search with your niche name and tons of groups will be shown. Simply joined them one by one and try to be active, help others. You can post about your new article there and asked people to take a look at.

Create your own page:

The best thing you can do on Facebook is to create your very own page. This page will drive a good amount of traffic to your website. Also, you can use this page to promote any new content, notices about your website. You can also invite your friends to like your page so that they can see the future posts.


The favorite photo sharing site has 1 billion active users around the world. It’s my favorite place to promote my website. you can easily reach your potential clients via this platform. Instagram is loved by almost every online marketers.

Post Articles Daily:

The key to keeping your account evergreen is to post daily. Reposting is now not allowed after the changes of TOS of this platform. But you can share other’s articles too, it’s not a big problem. I post a minimum 1 article every day to my Instagram account. It keeps my followers engage and helped me to find new leads. You can easily drive visitors with this method.

Using the powerful Hashtag(#):

Don’t forget to put relevant hashtags in every post. This really helps to get new followers and engage more with my website.

Follow/Unfollow Users:

It’s really hard to get followers when you are completely new to this platform. Here’s what I do. I buy some Instagram autofollowers to make my account more authenticate. After that, I follow some peoples within my niche and they easily follow me back. I also go through the follower list of some big name in my niche and follow them too. You can easily promote your website to this followers later.

DM followers for more engagement:

Nothing is more actionable than this. You can message the followers directly and asked them to read your new posts.


Twitter is also a great social media to promote business. It’s actually better than Instagram because you can’t put direct links on Instagram posts. But Twitter has this amazing feature to drive people instantly to your website.


Every time I post a new article, I tweet about that. I put the link and some hashtags. Also, if I see some great relevant post from others, I retweeted them too.l helps to get new visitors to my blog.

DM to followers:

I use an automation tool for DM’s. When a new user follows me, an automated message sent to them with my website link. It’s really engaging. I am also collect emails from this method. Offer followers some free stuff in exchange of email.


It’s the most ignorant Social platform I’ve ever seen. People keep saying it won’t work or it’s not valuable. But I think it’s one of the best places to promote your website.

Create Beautiful Pins:

Just pin a beautiful photo with some contents. You can put your website URL or some hashtags. The more your pins got views the more chance to get visitors to your websites.

Franklin Hatchett recently made a video about Pinterest. You can check out his video to know how to increase your Pinterest traffic.


You may have received tons of traffic from organic search or somewhere else. But you can’t deny the valuable traffic from Social Media. The proper strategies will help you to get massive visitors from these platforms. Many marketers are now using this advantage. Don’t fall behind, how about a piece from those billions of traffics? I ‘m sure you will not deny.