What is WordPress SEO?


WordPress is the most popular content management system in the SEO. It has a lot of fascinating facilities that designers find very attractive. Most of the users also find it effective since it provides them with the content they need sufficiently.

SEO is an acronym which means search engine optimization. SEO is concerned with jostling your way at the top in search engines like Google. Appearing at the top promotes traffic and hence more clicks. WordPress SEO is the process of employing strategies to ensure that your website or blog ranks at the top in search engines.


Ultimate WordPress SEO guide for beginners (step by step guide)


Having taken WordPress as a beginner is the best choice. It is ideal to start with since it is easy and does a lot on your behalf. However, you need to put on some effort when it comes to gaining traffic in the search engines. We have a guide for you. Focus on the following.




The URL is usually responsible for ensuring people reach your page in search engines. What will you do to make it easy?

One way of optimizing on the URL is by providing it with a name that will exhaustively explain the content of the page. The name should be easy to read for the search engine and the user.

You can decide to change the name of the permalink if it does not fit the requirements in WordPress. Go to ‘Settings’ on the left side of the screen and log in. Then click ‘Permalinks’. Select ‘Post name ‘option and then click on ‘Save changes’ button to store your settings.




Titles are very important when it comes to the search engines. Keyword in titles is usually considered during search rankings. You should choose carefully the words you use in your title to be a step higher in search ranking.

Your title tag will also mean a lot to the people. It should always make them curious and interested to know what is contained in your link earning you more clicks. Always remember to add your brand.

You can use a plugin to add a title to your page. We have different types of plugins that you can choose. All In One SEO has been highly used.




Images are a great tool to make people stay on your website since they create more attention for a while. They can also speak for you when you use them effectively.

Images can, however, slow your website when too large or high quality. You can optimize on them by using a descriptive title and alt tags. Search engines will understand your image now.

Users with visual impairments benefit since screen readers can read the title tags and alt for them.


XML Sitemap


XML Sitemap enables you to inform the search engine that your website has been updated. It lists all single pages on your website making the search engine have a look at them again.

It, unfortunately, does not increase your search rankings. Your pages will, however, be quickly and fully found and ranked.

You can add a plugin to create a Sitemap. Look for plugins in your Dashboard and click ‘Add New’. Search for Google XML Sitemap and install it.




Content is the main reason for a user to click on your website. People must get what they intended on your website. Many people will refer to your website since they have information about your effectiveness.

Search engines nowadays consider your content for ranking. Your language should be compliant. Your information must be relevant and original too.


Benefits of WordPress SEO


Search engine optimization is just like a marketing policy for your website. WordPress SEO provides you with a lot of benefits which include the following.


Permalink system


Word press uses the apache mod rewrite module to establish permalink system. This allows you to be able to create and customize your permalink structure.

Visitors on your page will also share permalinks in order to get to specific post on your site. Your content will clearly reach your interested visitors on time.


Constructing themes


Many themes have been made ready for any WordPress user. You can choose the best that can assure you of easily persuading your audience to stay in and visit your page increasing your search engine ranking.

The designing of the WordPress theme is actually very suitable for the search engines to easily trace you. The coding of your site affects search engines. However, WordPress themes provide enough codes for the search engines to easily access the site.




Plugins are usually required for an effective running of your website. They allow you to extend the functionality and features of your blog or website.

WordPress has over 50,000 plugins. You can use them to alert Google of your new posts. You can edit by installing the one used in editing. It also provides you with a chance to use the most recent plugin.


Gaining visitors


It is like the overall benefit that comes along with WordPress SEO. Knowing that WordPress is search engine friendly makes it easy for you to be easily found. Optimizing on the website will make it easier.

WordPress SEO enables you to have a search engine friendly URL. Vast and vital functions provided by WordPress makes it easy for many people to visit your website.

Final Words


If you are a beginner who wants to plunge into the market, WordPress optimization will make you successful. It is currently very popular in the world for it unleashes the user’s full potential.

You now understand the full benefits that come along with WordPress SEO. What should you do to get them? The step by step guide will direct you as a beginner to the market world.

Don’t get sad whenever you think that you have made a slow start. Keep on with the optimizing techniques to ensure you have a good rank in search engines. You can get more clicks as a result of your effort.